the hostess with the least-est

January 29, 2015 § 9 Comments


I have made it 35 years without it happening…And now it has.

I am hosting a baby shower ***cue suspenseful horror movie music***.

My lovely sister-in-law Danielle is having a baby girl in April, and because I am the coolest person in the extended family (duh)…here I am. Jesus Christ how did I get myself into this. My own baby shower was a joint deal that basically equated to a BBQ. There may have been a keg. In my defense, I was young and dumb.

But back to my current set of problems. I have no idea, I have too many ideas. I want simple, tasteful, understated. I want posh, girly, over-the-top. Decisions! Mom-to-be is not a big fan of pink, but can’t I still do fluffy, feathery, poufy, tassle-y? This could be her only baby. And no one wants a boring beige baby shower for their ONLY baby. So to round out this ridiculous paragraph, here is the baby shower I imagine…

A lovely brunch with healthy delicious food, gray-toned (with pink touches) decor, a white sangria and champagne bar, and no games. Because we are grown ass civilized adult women who don’t smell melted candy bars inside of diapers in order to win a prize. I have already taken to Pinterest to tap into some inspiration…



I feel like I am on the right track. Not that I have any indications what that track might be. But I am feeling good! Help me learn from your mistakes! Or even better, steal and take credit for your successes! What works, what doesn’t…feedback is welcome! Happy Thursday to all 🙂

**All images via Pinterest

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