March 2, 2015 § 4 Comments

Valentine’s Day found me in Austin, visiting the main squeeze. My sister and I always joke- in a serious way, because it’s true– about how when you step off the plane in tIMG_20150214_142541304_HDRhe Orlando airport the first thing you smell is fried food. It’s the first smell she gets of America when she arrives from England. Gross. So, I could not wait to report to her that the first thing you smell in Austin when you get off the plane is BBQ! Way better than fried food smells. Even if it’s just as bad for your health. Seriously, even the streets (some) smelled like BBQ.

We tooled around, and ate, drank, and were merry. I like traveling without a big agenda. If you haven’t been…go. Because aside from all the awesome weird shit in Austin, there is a super chill vibe and lots of great little neighborhoods. The food is top notch, and I am not exaggerating when I say that most bIMG_20150214_102116275ars have INCREDIBLE outdoor space. Like hammocks, giant jenga, cornhole, picnic tables…it was the jam.

Austin has some famous murals. Aside from spotting those, we hit up the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is a little more fluid and ever changing. And it might look innocent, but i busted my ass HARD on the soft gravelly terrain. Totally worth the climb though, the scale of this place is pretty epic.

That city is FUN. I fell in deep love, fast. Can’t say enough lovely things about this trip. Too fun and too short. There are a million other spots I want to enjoy in Austin, and I for sure plan on doing them!

Hope that everyone has a magical week! xx

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